Tangata Whenua Policy

ONE Party aim to promote, protect and preserve the customs, traditions, wairua and values of Tangata Whenua and support Tangata Whenua as the indigenous first nation people of Aotearoa New Zealand. We recognize the principle of Tino Rangatiratanga. “Ko te Rangatiratanga te Mauri o enei Kawenata” where Maori are fully recognized and respected in constitutional, political, social, cultural and economic terms.
    1. ONE Party recognises the Treaty of Waitangi as the document that unites Hapu and Iwi Maori nations and the European nation.  A symbol of co-leadership, of co-governance in our land. Where all peoples have a respected constitutional place in this country as envisaged.
    2. ONE Party acknowledges that co-leadership and co-governance has not been the reality for Hapu and Iwi Maori in our nation. We are committed to making this right by introducing a co-leadership model of governance into Parliament.
    3. ONE Party is also committed to ensuring that this model of governance is set in place within the regional and local government structure so that our nation may walk together toward a future that not only recognises and honours both Maori and European but also honours all people.
    4. Within this partnership framework we will work collaboratively across government to undo all laws that have been enacted without the consent of Maori and that have caused harm.  All new laws ONE Party will enact will be agreed together and must align to what is honourable for all.
    5. ONE Party is committed to settling all outstanding Treaty of Waitangi claims honourably.  We will work collaboratively with the Rangatira of Hapu and Iwi to complete this process in a timely manner.
    6. ONE Party recognises and honours He whakapuakitanga mo nga iwi taketake, the Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous People and recognises Iwi Maori as the indigenous first nation people.
    7. ONE Party recognises the ancient prophetic song of the matuhi, the Bush Wren, who, before it passed away, sang over Aotearoa:

    Tui, tui tui,tuia, Tuia i runga, Tuia i raro, Tuia i roto, Tuia i waho,

    Tuia te muka tangata ka rongo te po, ka rongo te ao 

    A cry to all the people of Aotearoa to bind together, to unite.