Suicide Prevention Policy

ONE Party is committed to looking further into finding solutions and strategies on how to prevent and protect the people of New Zealand. Clearly there is breech in the walls of our nation. Too many New Zealanders have been affected by the loss of a loved one through the tragedy of suicide. New Zealand needs to get serious about reducing its suicide statistics. Currently we have one of the highest youth suicide rates in the world  There are many factors that contribute to the cause of suicide – depression, mental health, abuse of substances such as alcohol or drug use, broken homes, absence of parents – these can all add to the problem. Enough is enough. It is time for drastic change across the board to aid in the prevention of suicide.

ONE Party will;

  1. Improve current processes and support systems around suicide.Funding is essential for the programmes and processes that produce positive results, that empower and encourage those contemplating suicide as their only option.
  2. Work alongside the Ministry of Health to address key components that will help assist in finding solutionswith the focus of decreasing suicide statistics nationwide.
  3. Work in conjunction with the Ministry of Health to put together an entirely new process that specialises,supports, and sustains mental health and wellbeing wrap-around services.
  4. Support the funding of programmes that have seen significant improvement in wellbeing and that have produced positive results.
  5. Partner with the Ministry of Education to implement an in-school programme that will equip education providers and young people with tools to deal with emotionally and psychologically distressing situations.