Sex Education 

If parents can train up their children in the way they should go it is the best way. However, ONE Party understands that sometimes parents may not be able to provide the training required to assist their children.

The many faceted nature of love is often expressed in terms of unconditional love, friendship love, protective love and romantic or physical love. All dimensions of love are important to the education of our children.

Therefore, ONE Party will support school-based programmes that address love, trust, and relationship.

  1. ONE Party advocates the provision, support and resources for parents to be the primary educators of their child’s sex education.
  2. This education would be age appropriate and values based, investing resources equally so that abstinence is part of a comprehensive sex education.
  3. We support parents’ rights to remove their children from sex education classes. Parents must be advised of the material at least two weeks prior to it being taught and they retain the right to withdraw their child from that class without penalty. Teachers may require to be given training as required.
  4. ONE Party will review all sex-education syllabus material provided by all agencies or organisations and invite other organisations such as Family First to supply alternative syllabus material. Local Boards of Trustees will have the final say in what is an appropriate syllabus for the students in their community.