Rural Policy

ONE Party believes that with wisdom and diligence we will be able to utilise our nation’s rich resources in a way that is profitable and sustainable to ensure long-term viability in the global marketplace. New ideas and innovation, the ‘can do’ attitude of our people is a source of untapped potential.

We will support policies and collaborate with key stakeholders around our natural resources to ensure that profitability and sustainability are co-equal in the economic equation for our nation. Profitability and sustainability are the focus that forms the basis of our policy and approach to the entire primary industry sector.

Recognising and stewarding new ideas and innovation will require continued investment and collaboration. For this reason, ONE Party will work with key stakeholders to find ways to bring new, innovative, and proven ideas to the domestic and global marketplace.

As a nation, we need a strong rural backbone and government policy must encourage and support this in every way possible.

ONE Party supports:

  1. Extra funding for rural GP’s
  2. Funding for Agriculture Training and Cadet Farms
  3. No Emissions Trading Scheme or Carbon Tax on agriculture

The move towards ‘regen ag’, regenerative farming1 – which holds promise to redirect land use industries towards systems that work.


  1. Regenerative Farming is a movement that holds the promise to reshape our productive land use industries towards systems that work with the natural environment to regeneratethe land. The movement is that of regenerative agriculture. … Regenerative Agriculture (regen ag) is a term that was first coined by the late Bob Rodale in the 1970’s.,is%20that%20of%20regenerative%20agriculture.&text=Regenerative%20Agriculture%20(regen%20