Justice Policy

ONE Party is taking a stand for righteousness and justice. Righteousness is not often used now but it means the quality of being morally right. Justice is not simply a legal system, but rather a means by which we, as humans, can stand up for others against those who would seek to harm them, locally or from abroad. True justice seeks not to punish, but to heal and restore. Justice should exist only to uphold the rights of the citizenry, not to enslave them. Without justice there is no standard by which we can measure righteousness, and without righteousness all justice will ultimately be perverted. Therefore, our system of justice is primarily a place to protect the rights and privileges of our citizens, to ensure each man, woman and child receives every right and benefit due them.  It sets the law, standard of living and relations to one another and is to warn us about the consequences of inappropriate behaviour.

ONE Party supports: 

  1. Providing a just and fair penalty for breaches. The law must be applied fairly, consistently, and without discrimination
  2. Seeking the truth and granting mercy whenever possible
  3. Judges who judge with just and accurate judgement, seeking restoration and rehabilitation.

ONE Party will:

  1. Implement a system of justice available for all citizens, with a legal aid fund that would provide for those unable to meet their obligations or afford appropriate legal representation.
  2. Work with key stakeholders to improve the rehabilitation for offenders.
  3. Increase funding and support for all community law centres.
  4. Undertake a complete review of the courts and court processes, to streamline and ensure efficiencies across all levels.
  5. Provide independent educational and informational hubs within the court rooms for people to access.
  6. Implement a system of arbitration panels to free the court system, and
  7. Provide education for the police to determine the extent and nature of an offense so that every case can be efficiently allocated.