Israel Policy

New Zealand has a history of close relations with Israel based on shared values of a liberal democracy, a representative parliament, a free press and an independent judiciary. We honour our forefathers. During World War One, New Zealand lives were given and our soldiers helped to liberate Jerusalem from Ottoman rule. Following World War Two, our nation voted for the UN partition plan that led the way to the establishment of the state of Israel. History has shown that Israel is the only nation in the region that will protect minorities and the holy places of all religions.
  1. ​ONE Party stands in support of Israel and will support her independence and sovereignty over the lands appointed to her.
  2. ​ONE Party recognises that the state of Israel is an example of democracy in the middle east and will encourage closer ties by establishing an embassy in their land.
  3. ​ONE Party recognises that the people of Israel are on the forefront of scientific, technological, medical, and communication innovation and development.
  4. ​ONE Party seeks to build strong diplomatic and trade relationships between our two nations.