Euthanasia Policy

Aotearoa New Zealand is a very unique place and attracts people from all over the world.   ONE Party recognize that Immigration is important with immigrants making up for around 25% of our workforce.  We recognize highly skilled migrants can be beneficial for our economy.
  1. We support skilled migrants and would seek to reform the “study to work to residency” for foreign students so that only jobs that meet a genuine skill criteria are recognised for residency points.
  2. ONE Party believes the need to focus on skilled migrants, as this creates jobs and incomes for New Zealanders.
  3. Immigrants would need to sit a practical driving test to assess their driving skills to drive on New Zealand roads.
  4. Tests for Permanent Residents:  Applicants for Permanent Residency must demonstrate an understanding of our Constitution and the status of the Treaty of Waitangi.
  5. Permanent residents will need to demonstrate a contribution of at least 5 years paid work in New Zealand (currently set at 2 years).
  6. ONE Party support to increase the qualifying period for NZ Superannuation from 10years to 20years.  (the OECD average 25yrs).
  7. Exploitation of Migrant Workers.  Any immigrant who is exploited and is found to have grounds will get an amnesty for a limited time of 3 months to find other work.  Tough penalties for the employer would be enforced.
  8. Immigrants entering New Zealand cannot advocate or practice alternative law courts contrary to New Zealand law courts.
  9. Immigrants who have been convicted of  a criminal crime in any country within the last 10years, will not be able to enter the country or be given permanent residency.
  10. Refugees and Migrants convicted on criminal charges in New Zealand will be sent back to their country of origin.


  1. ONE Party support to cap the quota of refugees entering New Zealand  to 350.
  2. ONE Party would advocate for a fairer and balanced look at refugee intake, based on numbers, nationality and geographical location.
  3. Refugees with serious criminal convictions including sexual convictions should not be approved entry into our country.