Housing Policy

ONE Party acknowledges the severity of the housing crisis. From its marketing prices to maintenance costs, it has become one of the major factors contributing to hardship for kiwi families. We believe every family has a right to an affordable rental or to own their own home if they want to. ONE Party aims to address this issue and tackle these aggressive prices so that the struggle may be lifted away from these families in hardship. Increasing house prices continue to have a strong negative impact on New Zealand and its major cities. This will stunt economic growth, social, and base development within areas that are growing rapidly unless we take proper action.

ONE Party Housing Policy

  1. ONE Party has highlighted the alarming rate of rising costs of both houses and rent and the resulting hardship. ONE Party aims to confront this issue with efforts to reverse the incline of these costs and bring them to a more affordable and reasonable level.
  2. ONE Party aims to reform taxes imposed on housing for New Zealand citizens which contributes to the rise in prices.
  3. ONE Party will support planning for a long-term infrastructure scheme to make sure a well-balanced housing expectation is matched with population growth. This way we can keep on track to meet the demand for houses for future generations.
  4. Limit immigration to no more than 35,000 in any one year, until such time as the supply of housing has caught up with the population. Failure to do so will result in homelessness and overcrowding with attendant health issues.
  5. ONE Party will review the trend of supply and demand for New Zealand houses in urban areas to push towards planning a long-term strategy with social housing teams and the private sector. This will also include exploring new areas of the market and looking for innovative solutions.
  6. ONE Party will support and encourage the private sector towards infrastructure development of housing in main cities such as Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin. With these incentives, it would quickly change the behavior of the current market and lift the numbers for the construction of new dwellings.
  7. ONE Party will utilise more sustainable planning for housing that fits within the Resource Management Act, ensuring that our environment and eco-systems are well protected and that it does not add to increasing emissions.
  8. With the growing efficiency of solar panels, One Party will support legislation that requires all new houses constructed to incorporate solar panels as a condition of their building consent. In addition, any house renovations with a minimal value of $100,000 will also incorporate solar panels as a condition of their building consent.
  9. ONE Party will review Loan to Value Ratio (LVR) restrictions and reform certain aspects that ensure first-time buyers can cover themselves financially and safeguard themselves from any poverty-trap decisions. This is done to encourage kiwis to understand their property costs.