ONE Party recognises the strong work of not for profit agencies that work alongside and support our homeless people on a day by day basis.  We want to partner with these agencies to address the housing problem in each region. ONE Party will not stand by doing nothing about the increasing rate of homelessness; it is part of our mission to address homelessness and help support those who are forgotten in society. This issue could effectively undermine the development of young families and youth who do not have access to essential needs. If we are to push forward to eliminate the major struggles on our people we must step in to help those on the streets.

We will invest in effective local and regional initiatives that work to alleviate homelessness.

  1. ONE Party will address the situation of those having to live in their vehicle and help them find accommodation and plan career development that will ensure that they are able to grow either as a family or an individual towards a brighter future.
  2. ONE Party will support funding for agencies who provide financial advice to those who need financial support and guidance.
  3. ONE Party support the development of Homeless Overnight Emergency Shelters in Auckland (West, South and Central). Hamilton, Wellington, Christchurch, Dunedin, Invercargill