Health Policy

The physical, mental, and psychological health of our people is of great importance to ONE Party. The basis of a healthy society is the freedom of the people to live in peace under a righteous government that values life and protects individual rights. The statistics of New Zealand’s mental health crisis and its shocking suicide rate highlight the fact that our healthcare system is in critical need of a complete overhaul.

ONE Party will seek to audit every area of healthcare for inefficiencies and inequalities to ensure the best quality care can be made available to all its citizens.

ONE Party will endeavour to follow the Four Principles of Medical Ethics 1 & 2

  1. Respect for Autonomy: fully informed consent and empowering the patient’s decision This requires that the patient has autonomy of thought, intention, and action when making decisions regarding health care procedures.
  2. Justicedistribute health resources fairly
    The burdens and benefits of new or experimental treatments must be distributed equally among all groups in society. Justice requires that procedures uphold the spirit of existing laws and are fair to all players involved.
  3. Beneficence: do as much good as you can
    Requires that the procedure be provided with the intent of doing good for the patient involved.
  4. Non-maleficence: ‘first do no harm’ as per the Hippocratic oath3
    Requires that a procedure or treatment does not harm the patient involved or others in society.

ONE Party Policy Points:

  1. Addictive Substances harming New Zealand society: ONE Party will amend and exercise taxes on all alcohol and tobacco, including vaping products. Taxes will be adjusted to cover the full costs to the New Zealand health system.
  2. AbortionONE Party supports the principle of sanctity of life by acknowledging the intrinsic value of every human being. We understand that children can be conceived and born into extremely sad and difficult circumstances. ONE Party believes it is the responsibility of a nation to rise to the challenge to find ways to support and protect the ‘cry to live’. We advocate for the human rights of the baby in the womb and for this reason, ONE Party are opposed to the decriminalization of abortion. (See Separate Policy). ONE Party will work collaboratively with all stakeholders to develop the best support and coaching for expectant mothers, families and all stakeholders involved.
  3. Adoption:  ONE Party will increase education, support, and options for mothers. Both open and  closed adoptions will be available, respecting the preferences of both the expectant mother and the adoptive parents. New Zealand couples should not have to endure years of process at huge expense to adopt children from abroad. A careful vetting process will be instituted. New Zealand adoptions will be free and open to a married man and woman.
  4. Care of the elderly and end of life:  Our elderly are precious and when well cared for and with the right supports in place, their sense of worth and value will be seen and appreciated. ONE Party will upgrade financial and community support for hospices. Hospices have excellent palliative care for those facing terminal illness, and we strongly support them.
  5. Gender amendments:  ONE Party will promote laws that forbid transgender medical and counselling treatments on all children until they reach the age of 18.
  6. Parental Consent for healthcare services at schools: ONE Party stresses that sustainable policies in favour of the family are the most effective way to improve children’s living conditions and opportunities. Most parents have a natural interest in protecting the rights of their children. New Zealand’s laws and policies must guarantee balanced rights for both.
  7. ONE Party supports family/whanau consent in all matters relating to their child’s health.
  8. ONE Party will review school-based health services to all public and secondary schools. No medication or medical procedure will be given to a child without parental consent.
  9. Disabilities: ONE Party will work with and continue to invest in families and organisations which support people with disabilities.
  10. Nutrition education as part of the school curriculum: ONE Party will fund nutrition education for children in all public schools. This will include a practical gardening component where children sow, grow and know where their food comes from.

Funding for Accident Compensation Corporation:

ONE Party supports access to the Accident Compensation Corporation for New Zealand citizens and permanent residents only. All other visitors to New Zealand will be required to have comprehensive travel insurance cover for the entire duration of their visit. They must present proof of this prior to boarding at any overseas air or seat port. Those from Commonwealth nations in the South Pacific are exempt from this requirement.