Foreign Investment Policy

New Zealand is not for sale. Our land and its natural resources are the inheritance of all New Zealanders. Therefore, the purchase of any land or natural resource by a foreign entity will be phased out. ONE Party will support laws that protect the land and properties of all NZ citizens. The purchase of an asset on our land, whether buildings, properties, or companies will be carefully monitored to ensure fairness, equality, and justice.

 ONE Party will honour all past, lawful agreements and encourage the free flow of investment capital into and out of New Zealand on a mutually beneficial basis, without jeopardising or compromising the sovereignty of parties involved. ONE Party will require full disclosure on all foreign investments to build a culture of trust and cooperation. ONE Party will encourage joint ventures with foreign investors and the New Zealand management of these ventures to build and develop New Zealand’s competitive advantage on the global scale. 

Principles that will guide the management of foreign investment joint ventures:

  • Good stewardship that is informed by the understanding that all our resources and our people’s innovation do not belong only to us.
  • ONE Party will support and collaborate with stakeholders/investors to ensure that the principles of stewardship, creativity and innovation go hand in hand to work towards a co-equal balance between profitability and sustainability.
  • ONE Party will work with investors and stakeholders in recognising and stewarding new and innovative ideas that require continued investment.
  • ONE Party will collaborate and support the policies of other parties in government regarding foreign investment only where there is alignment of agenda and principles.