Firearms Policy

ONE Party believes it is a fundamental right to own firearms for recreational and professional use in New Zealand.  We accept however that this right carries with it significant responsibility, and as such, we will not allow ownership of firearms by high risk individuals and groups. This includes recognised gangs and their associates, citizens with a criminal conviction involving violence or dishonesty, or those who are mentally unwell.

ONE Party will work proactively with the Firearms community to develop a culture of safety and proactive management of the risks associated with firearms use. This includes developing a “Speak up” culture that enables and facilitates identification and support of people who are recognised by their peers as being at an elevated risk of harm.

ONE Party supports responsible firearms ownership and we believe the Arms Act 1983, and the Arms Regulation of 1992 as they were written intending “Licensing but no registration” which preceded the events of 15th of March 2019 was fit for purpose, however inadequately resourced.

On this basis ONE Party will;

  1. Work to repeal the Arms Legislation Act 2020, legislation which was enacted subsequent to, and in response to the events of 15th March 2019.
  2. Establish a Firearms Licensing Authority (FLA) to manage licensing and vetting of existing and prospective firearms owners. This authority will have representation from the firearms community to provide engagement with the firearms community and their various representative bodies.
  3. Restricted weapons previously owned under E, B and C endorsements would be registered and managed by the newly established FLA in like manner to how they were under the Arms Act 1983.
  4. Subsequently amend the Arms Act to include semi-automatic centrefire firearms with removable magazines into the E category. This will provide the additional level of vetting and confidence from the wider community as to their ownership and use.
  5. Remove requirements around Stock design and Muzzle Devices for E category weapons.
  6. Retain semi-automatic rimfire firearms in the A category.
  7. Increase the penalties, and ensure The Police and Judiciary strongly penalise people who contravene firearms legislation.
  8. Will engage with the international community around emerging knowledge and technologies in the use of, and management of small arms but will not support or entertain international NGO’s or governmental bodies directly influencing our sovereign national management of firearms.

ONE Party accepts firearms are a necessary and normal part of our New Zealand culture and seek to support their ongoing use in a safe and supported manner.