Economic Policy

Save New Zealand for New Zealanders. New Zealand is NOT FOR SALE!

The Key to any Government is who makes the laws that the people are to live under. We are seeing a great power struggle between Governments based on justice, truth and righteousness, and those based on Socialism and Communism. Whether you look at the National Party on the “right”, being the conservative voice, or the Labour Party on the “left”, representing the liberal voice, they are both under a humanistic cloud of man-made laws and principles.  Both parties pass laws that restrict the freedom of our people and rely on the wisdom of man, under the control of global institutions.

ONE Party’s economic model would see equal opportunities for all. The policies of One Party will protect economic freedom, which is essentially the right of people to exchange goods/property of their own free will, with freedom from force, without fraud or theft.

One Party will build our economic policies not on equal results for all but on equal opportunity. Equal opportunity does not mean we all start with the same interests, gifts, capacities. An equal opportunity means that no one is legally prevented from doing anything morally legitimate in the marketplace.

One Party is in support of free enterprise and the encouragement of innovation and the “can do” attitude” that already thrives in this nation. One Party supports an economic system that respects private property and the work ethic.

New Zealand has specific and unique resources that are inherent in the land and in its people and ONE Party will endeavour to steward these resources for the benefit of all citizens.  As we embrace and support others coming into our land as immigrants, bring expertise and skills to build their new lives, everyone will benefit as the nation grows and prospers together.

New Zealand is a nation built on pioneers, adventurers, and innovators.  Past governments have not recognised this fully and have allowed international influences to take control of the resources and limit the development of local talent through a myriad of taxes (open and hidden), and interest payments on loans to foreign bankers.  All of these are unjust.

Under ONE Party, there would be a new model established that would bring economic values of righteousness and justice to business, commerce, resource stewardship, and opportunities for all. In the main areas of our nation, development would be clearly defined and supported in a synergistic economic cohesiveness to deliver abundant growth in all types of market conditions.

ONE Party will invest significantly in the areas of our natural advantages and therefore reap the abundant reward that comes from honouring and utilizing our resources for the benefit of every New Zealander.

ONE Party support;

  1. Developing a culture of freedom, truth, justice and righteousness in every area of society
  2. Developing Aotearoa New Zealand to be internationally recognized as a nation of visionaries and innovators, bringing solutions to other nations as well
  3. Funding technology/innovative/visionary institutes and think-tanks to develop entrepreneurs and market innovators
  4. Develop business mentors and specialists in international marketing through targeted research and development
  5. Encouraging businesses to increase investment in research & development
  6. Freedom for all to pursue their specific, unique talents and abilities
  7. Open markets and free and fair trading
  8. Protection of all New Zealanders rights, lands and assets from foreign speculators

ONE Party will work to:

  1. Remove corruption from government departments, agencies and all business activities
  2. Reduce the size of government and its influence in the lives of our people
  3. Remove the culture of bullying by bringing in legislation to penalize this in the workplace
  4. Remove inefficiencies in all areas of our society
  5. Reduce international borrowing to zero over 7 years
  6. Develop mutually agreeable investment relations with capital providers in the form of equity, not debt
  7. Increase the work efficiency of all New Zealanders, presently in the lower third of all OECD nations.

ONE Party will work towards encouraging and enabling good stewardship, which is based in the knowledge and understanding that all our natural resources, the land, the air, the rivers and ocean, the creatures and our people belong to God.

ONE Party supports good stewardship that produces a return and is profitable and in balance with sustainability.

ONE Party will focus investment into ventures that are in line with our principles. We will not support advancements and investment in the ‘adult entertainment’ industry, alcohol, drugs, tobacco or other areas that do not bring positive and wholesome results or products to the nation.

Revenues from corporate tax will steadily grow as existing businesses become more cost efficient and internationally competitive. New businesses from the new breed of innovators will ignite a boom in revenues, and global economic solutions for New Zealand as well as other nations. The individual tax rate will be reduced to a flat rate, thus leaving more income in the hands of the people that will result in greater creation of wealth as they support local businesses.

Corporate tax rates will also be reduced to a flat rate and additional tax revenues will come from foreign tourists who come to see our beautiful country and will pay an overseas visitor levy.

  1. ONE Party support 20th of month payment policy of all Government Departments and Large Businesses
  2. ONE Party support a prudent fiscal policy of reducing borrowing, and increasing savings and investment
  3. ONE Party support no carbon credits to be sold outside of New Zealand
  4. ONE Party support investment in tourism infrastructure
  5. ONE Party support the increase of the living wage for those working in the tourism industry
  6. ONE Party support the increase of the living wage for any person working night shifts
  7. ONE Party support to increase the penalties for those caught exploiting workers