Cannabis Reform Policy

Understanding the Principle of Purpose that ‘every life, both young and old, is important to the success of our nation because every life has a valuable purpose to fulfil,’ is foundational to our approach to this policy. ONE Party believes that drug use is a not a criminal issue but a health issue. History has shown that drug conviction does not reduce drug use. We support rehabilitation, reintegration and support initiatives that work on treatment rather than enforcement. People can overcome an addiction, but not a conviction.

The Misuse of Drugs Act 1975 sets out harsh criminal penalties for possession and use of drugs. It criminalises people who struggle with addiction instead of supporting them. This approach of imposing criminal penalties has proven ineffective. It has had little impact on stopping people using drugs. Those addicted to drugs need compassion, support and access to education and a full range of evidence-based treatment options. ONE Party supports investing in preventative treatment and harm reduction interventions thus ensuring the focus always remains on improving health outcomes.

ONE Party believes that the law should provide a just and fair penalty for breaches and importantly that the law must be applied fairly, consistently and in a way that is free of discrimination.

ONE Party does NOT support:

  1. Regulated commercial supply
  2. Licensed cannabis outlets
  3. The growing of cannabis for personal use
  4. Use of cannabis as a recreational drug

ONE Party supports:

  1. Prohibition of the use of cannabis as a recreational drug.
  2. Removal of criminal penalties for use of cannabis as a drug. We favour repeal of the Misuse of Drugs Act in support of a new act that treats drug use as a health issue not a criminal issue.
  3. The increase of funding for resources into prevention, education, and harm reduction treatment programmes and ‘Boot Camp Recovery’ centres.
  4. Access to quality care in the health system for people who use drugs.
  5. A ‘Strike THREE Drug RuleStrike ONE, the drug user will be issued with a caution and given health information. Strike TWO, the drug user is required to attend a recognised treatment programme as offered by reputable rehab and recovery centres. Breach of attendance will move to a Strike THREE which is an instant 6 week mandatory ‘Boot Camp Recovery’ programme.
  6. A ‘Strike THREE Fine Rule’ be applied and not a criminal penalty for possession of a drug utensil. Strike ONE, an instant fine of $1,000. Strike TWO, an instant fine of $2,000. Strike Three, an instant fine of $3,000.  Any other strikes for possession of a drug utensil, the person will be required to attend a recognised treatment programme as offered by reputable rehab and recovery centres.  Breach of attendance will move to a Strike THREE Drug Rule and an instant 6 week mandatory ‘Boot Camp Recovery’.
  7. Effective and comprehensive funding for a range of treatment options with proven outcomes including community and whanau-based services.
  8. The funding of Boot Camp Recovery centers.
  9. Criminal charges for the selling of cannabis and all illicit drugs.
  10. The proven medicinal benefits of cannabinol and easier access through a medical practitioner.
  11. The prohibition of all synthetic additives in all cannabis products.