Are you ready to embark on a journey as a political candidate?

Being a candidate is not just about seeking political office; it's a commitment to SERVE and represent the hopes, dreams, and concerns of the community. As a candidate, you have the opportunity to be the voice that speaks up for those who are unheard, the advocate for justice and equality, and the beacon of hope in challenging times. It requires the willingness to step forward, to listen, to understand, and to lead with integrity. Being a candidate is an extraordinary responsibility to shape a better future for all. Are you ready to embark on a journey as a political candidate? 


A candidate fee of $300 is payable to the Electoral Commission and a candidate campaign can cost anywhere from $2,000 to $5,000. We encourage you to consider fundraising options to support your campaign financially. Flyers, billboards, hoardings all add up. You must also consider too, the personal cost of family time.


1.    We will provide you with all the candidate training, so that you are fully equipped for the journey ahead.

2.  We will provide you with all the ‘artwork’ for the printing of your campaign billboards and candidates flyers. Please note all marketing materials must be authorised by the Party .....Secretary before going to print to ensure brand consistency.

3.  We will also support you with people on the ground (depending on which region you stand in) who can assist you.

4.  Candidates are accountable to the ONE Party Regional Generals. They will come alongside you and help work your electorate.

5.  It is essential to note that you do not rely on our teams but bring your team with you to the campaign, as all regions will be primarily focused on 'party vote' campaign.



Being a Candidate requires leadership that demands resilience and perseverance. Campaigns often involve facing criticism, adversity, and setbacks. A resilient candidate maintains focus, stays true to their values, and remains determined despite challenges.This ability to bounce back and keep moving forward are qualities you will need if you are to enter this political field.

Furthermore, candidate leadership necessitates the ability to build and manage a team. As a candidate, you must surround yourself with dedicated individuals who share your passion and will work with you, and for you. Fostering collaboration, delegating tasks effectively, and inspiring your team members to give their best are essential for your campaign.

Finally, a successful candidate leader recognises the power of community engagement. Actively reaching out to constituents, attending community events, and listening to their concerns are vital aspects of candidate leadership. By being accessible and responsive, you demonstrate your commitment to representing and serving the community's interests.