Housing Aims

01.05.21 03:08 PM By oneparty.a1crm
Housing shortages are not getting better in New Zealand and the current government seems lost without a clue on how to fix the problem. In theory the housing market should be improving because the Covid 19 closing of the boarders has slowed immigration to almost zero; and homes that were being used for Air B&Bs are coming back to the rental market because of the lack of tourists. However housing issues have not eased; showing up a far wider problem than just immigration and tourism. Figures released under the Official Information Act show the Ministry of Social Development paid out $99,007,197 in emergency housing special needs grants (EH SNG) until the end of September 2020 - a rate of $11m a month. It is suspected that figure has now escalated.

Imagine if $11million a month was sunk into government sponsored rent to buy schemes or turned into rental accommodation. The governments answer has been to tax landlords on mortgage interest; something no other business has to face; most able to claim interest as a genuine tax deductible item. The government relies heavily on private Landlords to fill the shortage of housing in New Zealand. The Stats NZ data puts the total number of rental properties in New Zealand at 527,853. Of those 440,025 were privately owned, as opposed to owned by public entities like Kāinga Ora, local authorities and Community Housing providers. So the recent "measures" announced by the government to ease the Housing market will in fact impact the rental market and exacerbate the already chronic rental housing market.

ONE Party have been looking at ways to solve the Chronic housing shortage; we have identified some very exciting local housing initiatives worth investigating further and over the coming months; we hope to bring live interviews to this Facebook page to highlight these. We are keen to hear from individuals and groups that are bringing grassroots solutions to housing. We believe the community is already carrying the solution the government isn't listening. 

ONE Party want to be a voice to stimulate housing initiatives in the regions.
ONE Party aims to reform taxes imposed on housing for New Zealand citizens which contributes to the rise in prices.
ONE Party will look at slowing the export of raw logs to China because it is creating an accute shortage of building timber for the local market.
ONE Party will support planning for a long-term infrastructure scheme to make sure a well-balanced housing expectation is matched with population growth. This way we can keep on track to meet the demand for houses for future generations.