Three Waters Theft

18.04.23 12:44 AM By Stephanie

Lipstick on a pig!

Same fight different day. It's still theft.

The Government has unveiled its refresh of the reforms formerly known as Three Waters, announcing that ten public water entities will be established instead of the four previously proposed.
So what's new? Nothing! Four districts now become ten, the term Three Waters is now "Water Reform." 

Nothing has changed, they still want to steal your assets held in trust for you by local councils and they are hoping you don't notice. It's a quick slap of paint and a few flowers in the front garden to make it pretty to sell something back to you that you already own. It's just lipstick on a pig really!

Don't be fooled, Three Waters is back on the table. Simply adding more entities and changing the name is a desperate attempt to save the Three Waters plan and attempt to show they've done something with the $100 million of your money they’ve sunk into this process so far.

ONE Party will stop Three Waters/Ten Waters, or any theft of your assets.

Ian Johnson