Six Pillars to Environmental Success

01.05.21 03:18 PM By oneparty.a1crm
ONE Party are promoting 6 Pillars to environmental success in Aotearoa. Rather than fund internationally directed initiatives around the management of the environment with little benefit for New Zealand.
  • ONE Party support initiatives that directly benefit New Zealand and enhance the stewardship of our sovereign territories.
  • ONE Party promote a clean, green environment and acknowledge this as one of our greatest assets as a nation.
  • ONE Party seek to bring a balance between profitability and sustainability.
  • ONE Party believe in forming our own environmental plans and as such we would withdraw from the United Nations 2030 sustainable development scheme in favour of our own Sustainable Aotearoa scheme. The principles and goals of the Sustainable Aotearoa scheme would be protecting the environment while remaining sovereign to prosper our own people. We believe that New Zealand has demonstrated clear entrepreneurial leadership in the past and support a stimulation of this gift our nation carries.

Below are the six pillars of Aotearoa environmental success, and the way we would fund this unique and politically bold plan.
  1. Make Research funding available to develop livestock that produce less carbon emission and Nitrate reduction while increasing productivity, To benefit NZ agriculture. Research funding to help all industry to reduce pollution . This would involve the restoration of the former farm research Centers such as Ruakura and Telford training Centers. This will be Funded by withdrawal from participating in the UN Carbon emissions schemes. The total cost of New Zealand’s net carbon emissions based on the current NZ ETS price of ~NZ$25/T, is costing the New Zealand economy ~NZ$1.4bn annually, relative to current GDP of ~NZ$330bn.
  2. Explore Corporate Funding of water ways restoration through Tax Initiatives that benefit NZ and not a UN Agenda 2030. Funding would be made available to enhance iwi managed lands, water ways, rivers and lakes. Farmers rewarded for waterway enhancement Through Tax incentives on waterway fencing and plantings ( Funding would be through withdrawal from UN 2030 sustainable development scheme, which taxes New Zealand on carbon & water without benefiting our sovereign nation.
  3. Stewardship and environmental awareness education at secondary and tertiary level, based on New Zealand’s needs and issues, using Tangata Whenua wisdom and understanding of the Environment. Develop trapping and eradication program and technologies against pests such as rats, stoats & other Mustelids and ban 1080. The program will be run in conjunction with iwi training and tertiary training organisations and Ministry of social development JobStart programs. This program would be developed as a holistic environment subject.. including pest management, bushcraft, and eco system management. Funding through government agencies. Ministry of social development, Ministry of Education allocation, Maori development agencies. Possum fur sales and sale of trapping technologies on the international market. . $20million would be available from the cost removal of 1080 . MSD currently allocate $380 to job training and we would Chanel a portion of that money to environmental job creation. More effective use of the current $600 million DOC budget.
  4. Water production for our cities using Desalination technology in partnership with Israeli Government & companies. This relieves pressure on our major waterways. This requires infrastructure investment, but would be clawed back over time by a reduction in water treatment costs.
  5. Fisheries conservation incentives, explore fish farming using existing International expertise. Fund a marine study and conservation unit as part of No3 . Ban foreign fishing in our territorial waters and give incentives for New Zealand fishing companies to research fish stock management technologies which could be sold to other nations.
  6. Tax breaks to Research methods to extract minerals and other natural resources with zero effect on the environment. Such as clean coal technologies. Funding for this research will come from our withdrawal from the Paris accord , so we can concentrate on benefits for New Zealand not the UN.

ONE Party contested the 2020 election having become a registered political party in June 2020, although we gained less than 1% of the vote, this was achieved with only a short run up to the election and restrictions around Covid.

Our focus is now on 2023 releasing innovative ideas, policy and solutions that benefit New Zealand. ONE Party is a Christian party that looks to bring solutions to New Zealand’s problems without selling out to foreign interests.

We stand firmly on the belief that New Zealand is not for sale and we have the ability to lead the world through innovation and entrepreneurship.