Primary Production Overload

01.05.21 03:13 PM By oneparty.a1crm
Clearly there is a need for some investment in infrastructure that brings a return back to New Zealand. Our Ports are struggling to cope, there is a shortage of labour and a squeeze on cold storage space means our meat processors cannot increase overtime to meet international seasonal demand for our beef & sheep exports.

Silver Fern Farms recent shareholders newsletter reported an adjustment in the cut mix in some plants to speed up product flow. This means there is no time to produce the higher value small cuts and will reflect in a drop in schedule price paid to farmers. As a nation, we need a strong rural backbone and government policy must encourage and support this in every way possible.

The New Zealand Government cannot take their eye off the ball especially in the primary production sector. ONE Party Recognise that new ideas and innovation will require continued investment and collaboration between government and stakeholders. For this reason, ONE Party endeavour to find ways to bring new, innovative, and proven ideas to the domestic and global marketplace to keep the New Zealand economy moving.

ONE Party Economic & Finace spokesperson Andrew Bullians says; "Special attention will need to be made to increase productivity to meet the global shortages caused by supply line disruptions as a result of the pandemic".

ONE Party will be developing strategic alliances to meet the growing needs of our most vulnerable people."