The Petrol Crisis

03.05.23 10:35 PM By Stephanie

The Petrol Crisis

Airlines in New Zealand are angry at the third Jet fuel supply crisis in less than 12 months, this time at Wellington Airport. Since the closure of the Marsden point oil refinery Jet fuel has been imported into the Marsden Point terminal, and direct into Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch. The fuel in Tankers is tested on arrival and now this latest issue becomes the third tanker load where quality is compromised and cant' be used.
This further highlights the foolishness of the closure of the Marsden point refinery. 

New Zealand is in a very vulnerable position!

The cost to upgrade and reinstate the refinery is of national importance and out ways the cost and the risk that New Zealand could be crippled by future shipping or quality issues not just Jet fuel but all grades of fuel and bitumen. As a matter of urgency ONE Party call for the recommissioning of the Marsden Point Refinery. This is a matter of national security as well as business security.

ONE Party consider the closure of the refinery as treacherous. While the refinery was privately owned, the government should have stepped in as they have in the past with BNZ, Kiwi Rail & Air New Zealand where the national good outweighed the rescue price.

ONE Party will bring common sense back to the New Zealand government and reopen the Marsden Oil Refinery immediately.

Ian Johnson
Co Leader