ONE Party Stimulating Innovation

14.08.21 09:58 AM By oneparty.a1crm
Innovation and invention are two words once associated with New Zealand. Our isolation as a nation made it necessary for survival. As technology and communication have advanced, our once proud ‘number eight wire - we can do this’ mindset has been replaced by international corporates and government agencies.

  • ONE Party is committed to stimulating innovation and invention through strategically placed startup investment and taxation incentives to stimulate research and development.
  • ONE party supports innovation around the reuse of plastic and other petroleum-based products that will enhance the environment.
  • ONE Party supports research into alternative use for wool, milk, and other products produced by our agricultural industry.
  • ONE Party supports funding technology/innovative/visionary institutes and think-tanks to develop entrepreneurs and market innovators. Developing a culture of freedom, truth, justice, and righteousness in every area of society.
  • ONE Party supports investment both private and government that will move Aotearoa New Zealand to be internationally recognized as a nation of visionaries and innovators, bringing solutions to other nations as well.
  • ONE Party will focus investment into ventures that are in line with our principles. We will not support advancements and investment in the ‘adult entertainment’ industry, alcohol, drugs, tobacco, or other areas that do not bring positive and wholesome results or products to the nation.
  • ONE Party is a party of solutions-based policies. New Zealand is a nation built on pioneers, adventurers, and innovators. Past governments have not recognised this fully and have allowed international influences to take control of the resources and limit the development of local talent through a myriad of taxes (open and hidden), and interest payments on loans to foreign bankers. All of these are unjust.

Watch ONE Party’s website for innovative taxation and economic development policies that we will progressively launch leading up to the next election.