Billion Dollar Bleed

24.03.23 07:33 PM By Stephanie

The Billion Dollar Bleed

It’s time for the government of New Zealand to spend money on restoring New Zealand. Both National and Labour, in fact, all political parties currently in the New Zealand parliament are committed to the Paris accord on climate change.

New Zealand cannot afford to be a world leader in climate change action. Considering that we produce less than 0.045% of the world’s carbon emission, our little bit cannot change a thing if climate change is real.

I would suggest that most New Zealanders' are unaware that New Zealand signed, under the last National government to the Paris Accord Climate Action Treaty. What most New Zealanders wont realise is that since 2017 New Zealand has been committed to paying $1.4 billion a year for a decade to the Paris accord, that’s 2017 to 2027.

We are a nation bleeding at our productive heart. We are a small nation of less than two million taxpayers. We cannot afford to be leading the world in ideological woke climate change policy. We must restore the heart of our nation, we must restore our infrastructure, our roads, our current rail system, our ports, our farms, our horticultural industry, our fishing industry, everything that actually makes New Zealand work is being ignored.

The cost to restore New Zealand from the cyclone damage is going to be in the billions of dollars. New Zealand must step back from trying to lead the world on issues that we can make very little difference in on the world stage and start supporting the people of New Zealand.

The people of New Zealand deserve a government that will restore our land and bring prosperity to our nation. We have thousands of people currently who are displaced by the cyclone We cannot allow our priority to be a $30 billion gold plated light rail system,  while the nation is bleeding and in desperate need of infrastructure spending.

ONE Party are committed to pulling out of the Paris climate accord. We as a nation are more able and better equipped to make our own decisions about climate. The Paris Accord is nothing more than a gravy train for the World Economic Forum And the United Nations.

While New Zealand struggles to pay the Paris Accord $1.4 billion a year, the so-called unelected world leaders who came up with the Paris Accord fly in their private jets, drink champagne, have the most expensive meals, and really rape and pillage small nations like New Zealand.

All parties who are currently in the New Zealand parliament have committed themselves to the Paris accords. Why?

Are the nations who are signatories to the Paris Climate Accord racing to our aid currently, because New Zealand needs billions of dollars to restore the damage from a cyclone? If we had banked the $1.4 billion a year in an emergency account for New Zealand's needs, we would currently have nearly $9 billion in the bank to fix our struggling infrastructure.

This $9 billion along with billions spent on other ideological projects that both National and Labour have invested in over a period of 12 or 15 years, with little or no benefit to New Zealand, suggest that our nation has been robbed by politicians who are not governing for the people, but are governing to appease unelected world bodies like the United Nations or the World Economic Forum.

ONE Party are a party that firmly believe in the sovereignty of our nation. We will put a stop to New Zealand being bled dry by international organisations and withdraw from unnecessary international treaties and covenants.

Ian Johnson