Insanity of following the UN

22.06.21 06:04 PM By oneparty.a1crm
ONE Party is calling out the insanity of following United Nations (UN) driven climate targets. Wake up New Zealand! These targets are unrealistic for us.
We as a nation have the ability to lead the world through innovation and invention and we have proven this many times. Innovation and invention require that we think for ourselves, not be dictated to by UN agendas and protocols.

The current Labour government plans to spend $685million on a cycle and walkway over the Auckland Harbour, while economic and housing pressure force Aucklanders further and further out into suburbs and rural satellite towns that would make it impossible to ride a bike or walk to work. To make matters worse Labour is now introducing a new tax on non-electric vehicles used by businesses and rural industry, the very people who are already paying the bulk of the tax take in New Zealand.

The UN agendas driving these policies is farcical. Last year coal-rich New Zealand imported hundreds of tonnes of coal from Indonesia to fuel the Huntly power station. We needed Huntly online because our ‘sustainable’ power stations cannot meet the current demand let alone the extra electricity needed to fuel EVs. The Labour government are happy to sacrifice the lifestyle our forefathers fought for, destroying farming and small business viability through unworkable and insane climate policy. They are following this doctrine to be seen as world leaders rolling out UN agenda 2030.
New Zealand currently creates approximately 80% of its energy consumed by renewable resources, largely by hydro, with some geothermal and other minor additions. However, weather conditions in the past twelve months and a long term lack of government spending on infrastructure has seen power supply under strain. The reality is New Zealand doesn’t have the infrastructure to move us to an electric vehicle society by 2030.

We have closed our coal mines, forbidden new gas exploration but have not invested in alternate infrastructure. ONE Party asks this question; “Where is the electricity to power electric vehicles coming from?”

ONE Party support the use of clean coal technologies for future power generation and heating systems in schools and hospitals, using New Zealand coal. Both National and Labour have signed New Zealand up to impossible UN driven climate protocols.

ONE Party believes the science around anthropogenic (human-caused) climate change, and the adverse role of carbon dioxide emissions in climate change is far from settled. We will engage with the international community around emerging science and research, but we will not be directly funding, or make commitments to international initiatives such as the Kyoto protocol, Paris 2015 agreement, UN 2030 agenda or any other internationally directed initiatives around the management of the environment within our sovereign border. 

ONE Party will redirect funds/international climate taxes currently being sent to international bodies like the UN into developing our own sovereign solutions. Solutions that benefit New Zealand and its citizens.