Farming our way to economic recovery

22.06.21 05:48 PM By oneparty.a1crm
KPMG Agribusiness global head Ian Proudfoot addressed farmers at the New Zealand Agricultural Fieldays in Hamilton recently . In his address, Proudfoot highlighted growing anger in the rural sector and reflected that farmers are finding it difficult to rally the energy to fight another day. Proudfoot highlighted the labour and shipping challenges being faced by the rural sector as a result of Covid 19 restrictions internationally.

On a positive note, Proudfoot said there was a global food renaissance at the moment and noted that the personnel most likely to be able to take advantage of this renaissance are those most under pressure from government regulations and requirements.

ONE Party continually acknowledges that the primary sector in New Zealand is the engine room for recovery and historically the primary sector has seen New Zealand trade its way out of international crisis and economic collapse on numerous occasions.

ONE Party is committed to establishing and protecting New Zealand’s autonomy as a trading nation and maintaining our unique ability to provide healthy ‘clean food’ to world markets. In the past, we believe we have sold ourselves short on the international stage. All our trade deals need to be beneficial to New Zealand and promote trade with our natural allies. In particular, ONE Party would pursue trading alliances with Commonwealth and friendly Asia Pacific countries and work to lessen our reliance on China.

ONE Party support increased spending on research and development to add value to our primary industries tailored to meet the needs of current and future trading alliances.

ONE Party are committed to the welfare of rural New Zealand; we would provide extra funding for rural General Practitioners, rural doctors, and mental health support. Medical centres and support networks are often the difference between life and death for those living and working in rural communities.

As a Party of Solutions ONE Party are committed to bringing hope back to the rural sector for economic stability and growth in New Zealand.

Join the movement become a member of ONE Party as we prepare for the 2023 election with positive economic solutions.