Funding Farming Cadets

18.04.23 12:56 AM By Stephanie

Farming Solutions for a new generation

Agriculture, horticulture and marine farming production and processing continues to be the backbone of the New Zealand economy producing 67% of GDP. However the average age of farmers in New Zealand is 62 years, making the training of young people a high priority in order to sustain and grow our valuable agricultural base. There is potential for increased production for farming from under-utilised land and a work force in need of training and education.

ONE Party will partner with industry training organisations to develop agricultural specific cadet training schemes, funded by an industry government partnership. We will offer an extended two year farm cadet programme that focuses on up-skilling young people for our local farming industry. We will invite farmers who are willing to employ cadets who will be partially funded by industry and government. We will seek Scholarships to also fund training.

ONE Party want to achieve a dynamic farm cadet scheme that is fully supported by industry and Iwi and relevant to their needs and aspirations. Cadets will acquire the skills, knowledge and qualifications to set them onto a pathway of advanced study and sustainable and meaningful employment in the local farming industry. This will provide for the future needs of the agricultural industry with a highly skilled labour force prepared to adapt to new technology, farming systems and management practices.

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Ian Johnson
Co Leader