Christian parties in the political arena

22.06.21 05:53 PM By oneparty.a1crm
At a recent Christian event, the speaker said; quote; “Christian parties have no place in the political arena". This highlighted the absolute reason the government in New Zealand is costing our nation millions of dollars in unnecessary and unrighteous policy rollouts as the Church has abdicated its role to bring righteous government to the nation.

The cost of unrighteousness in government was highlighted in the recent 2021 government budget. A budget allocation of $941,000 was made to New Zealand Family Planning in the 2021 budget to promote the new abortion laws which came into law in 2020 and include abortion to full term. An astounding 11.8 million dollars has been allocated to the rollout and setting up of the End of Life Choice Bill 2020 (assisted suicide).

Contrary to the Christian speaker who opposed Christian parties, there has never been a time in the history of our nation where the values espoused by ONE Party ie; Justice, Righteousness, Truth, and Freedom are needed. To not stand up and bring a Kingdom perspective to government is akin to standing by and watching your neighbours house burn to the ground with them in it and doing nothing to warn them or help put out the fire. All the current parties in parliament have a very liberal attitude to morality and ethics in government, highlighting the absolute need to support ONE Party in its kingdom-minded, solution-based policies based around clear values.

ONE Party believes the challenge is not so much the backslidden direction of our nation being led by this government, but the complacency of faith believers who casually keep voting them back in, believing that the left and right are the answer and everything else is a wasted vote. ONE Party says; “Be bold and courageous!” A vote for righteousness to be established in the highest office in this nation, is never a wasted vote! Draw the line in the sand and join the exodus out from the left and right to turn the tables and realign this nation!

ONE Party is building toward the 2023 elections and is a party of solutions. The ONE Party constitution provides clear parameters for healthy ‘checks and balances’ for direction, accountability, transparency, and implementation of a government for change.

Become a member of ONE Party today and become a real voice for change in New Zealand.