Cost of Living Crisis

20.07.22 03:46 PM By Stephanie

Record High Inflation

Cost of living crisis, inflation hits 7.3% the highest in 32 years. THE STATUS QUO MUST GO!

The economy in New Zealand is in trouble. There is no doubt that the current government has mismanaged the books, printing money without investing or even supporting the Key income drivers of a once healthy economy. This mismanagement has fueled inflation at levels we haven't seen in recent history, creating a cost of living crisis. Food, fuel and housing are in a rampant price uptrend bringing many families to breaking point. New Zealand is a nation built on pioneers, adventurers and innovators. Past governments have not recognised this fully and have allowed international influences to take control of the resources and limit the development of local talent through a myriad of taxes (open and hidden) and interest payments on loans to foreign bankers. All of these are unjust.

  • ONE Party will invest significantly in the areas of our natural advantages and therefore reap the abundant reward that comes from honouring and utilizing our resources for the benefit of every New Zealander.
  • ONE Party has developed economic and taxation policies for New Zealand that will incentivize businesses to increase investment in research & development, growing our economy and lifting our tax take as a result.
  • ONE Party support a prudent fiscal policy of reducing borrowing, and increasing savings and investment.
  • ONE Party is a party of solutions-based policies. We will release our Taxation incentives closer to the 2023 election.

The Left or Right hasn't worked. In order to see real change, New Zealand needs to vote for change. If you want to SHIFT the direction of a nation, it has to be a vote for ONE Party.

Co-Leader of ONE Party