A Virus Called Fear

01.05.21 03:06 PM By oneparty.a1crm
Whatever your position on Covid 19 it seems clear that the New Zealand government is being over cautious regarding a travel bubble with Australia and the Pacific Islands. Australia has exercised caution in allowing New Zealanders to travel into its territories without the need for isolation on disembarkment, but NZ continues to jam up MIQ facilities unessararly, with Australians. When Auckland went into a level three lockdown, Australia also temporarily closed their borders to NZ, however they soon reopened; surley NZ can manage this in a reciprocal manner. . This current government has become so focused on the problem they have no solutions. For over a year now families have been isolated from one another on either side of the Tasman. There is no logical reason not to open our borders to Australia and the Pacific Islands.

We are a country that relies on fresh food exports and without regular flights into our near Neibours in the Pacific and across the Tasman we are bleeding export earnings.

ONE Party says; Open the ANZAC borders to save the economy.
ONE Party believe that the current Covid 19 model is unsustainable, and we cannot continue to lock down our nation of Aotearoa New Zealand every time there is a new outbreak of COVID-19 (possibly for the next few years). Yes Australia have been cautious, but they recognise the need to keep the country moving.
ONE Party will abandon Labour’s lockdown model that has accelerated the real health crisis (mental and physical) such as suicides, substance abuse issues, home violence, depression, and anxiety, and has neglected people who are dying from other medical conditions due to consequences of physical and financial lockdown. Bad government and fear is the true virus affecting New Zealand.