2021 Budget Observations

26.05.21 01:20 PM By oneparty.a1crm
Following a review of the recent Budget, the ONE Party economic and finance spokesman says; “It is obvious to us that the Labour party are blatantly buying the votes of the poor and marginalised members of society with the promise of money, rather than Kingdom solutions to lift these sectors out of the poverty cycle. This governments fiscal policy is right in line with UN agenda 2030 to institute a universal basic income, where every citizen will not have to work but rely on their government for living costs”.

Not content with that, rather than finding innovative ways to produce wealth within our shores, the Labour party immigration policy is now opening our borders to 200 wealthy immigrants. It has explicitly mentioned that these privileged wealthy will come from major corporations under the guise of bringing their expertise to increase the productivity of the New Zealand economy.

ONE Party champion the middle class that has always provided the engine room for our economy. What we are experiencing with both National and Labour is a continual attack on the middle class and the innovators in society through Covid19 lockdowns, and pressure on companies to only hire vaccinated employees. The result will be large government-coerced and controlled companies, a reduced middle class, and growing unemployment with massive numbers reliant on government welfare.

ONE Party wants to see investment into the SMEs (small to medium-size enterprises), especially those who offer invention and innovation that we can leverage financial advantage from the international marketplace, with free and open trading opportunities, locally and globally.

When analysing the Budget, the question arises; “Where is all the money coming from?” The answer can only be taxes, taxes, taxes and overseas borrowing. What we have with this Budget is a financial plan that is presented by narrow-minded, parochial thinking politicians who don’t want to be honest and tell us that the global economic collapse may be just around the corner. With the rising Kiwi dollar and shortage in shipping capacity hindering our exports, New Zealand INC is becoming more expensive on the overseas market. Our trading partners are experiencing rapid inflation within their borders. The government is pinning its hope on our economy improving by selling to other countries that are in recovery mode because of the Covid crisis. This is naïve because most economies are on the brink of hyperinflation and collapse, not recovery.

National and Labour seem to have a plan to sell mostly to China to feed their growing population and earn Yuan to repay our burgeoning indebtedness to them.

ONE Party finance spokesman says; “This current government’s monetary policy promises more cheap money to enslave the country and its people so that when the collapse hits, it will cause a financial tsunami that will drive hard-working Kiwis into despair and the control of the government benefit plan”.

ONE Party has a Kingdom mindset. This allows us to protect and provide for our fellow citizens and be a blessing to other nations as they weather the economic storms that will ravage their shores.

Our ONE Party finance spokesman will outline kingdom financial strategies that will offer real solutions over the next few months.

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