The Traffic Light System
According to an article in The Times Newspaper in the UK, dated 21st October 2021. More than 800 double-vaccinated people in Scotland have died from Covid-19.

The NZ Government Traffic Light system based on the efficacy of an unproven inoculation will not work. In Scotland 600 deaths have occurr...
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ONE Party Stimulating Innovation
Innovation and invention are two words once associated with New Zealand. Our isolation as a nation made it necessary for survival. As technology and communication have advanced, our once proud ‘number eight wire - we can do this’ mindset has been replaced by international corporates and government ...
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The Great New Zealand Energy Crisis
ONE Party is calling for an inquiry into power generation capacity in New Zealand. On the 9th of August parts of the North Island went into power brownouts because the cold night put more load on the network than the generating companies were able to produce. This event highlights some of the infra...
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Insanity of following the UN
ONE Party is calling out the insanity of following United Nations (UN) driven climate targets. Wake up New Zealand! These targets are unrealistic for us.
We as a nation have the ability to lead the world through innovation and invention and we have proven this many times. Innovation and invention...
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Christian parties in the political arena
At a recent Christian event, the speaker said; quote; “Christian parties have no place in the political arena". This highlighted the absolute reason the government in New Zealand is costing our nation millions of dollars in unnecessary and unrighteous policy rollouts as the Church has abdicate...
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Farming our way to economic recovery
KPMG Agribusiness global head Ian Proudfoot addressed farmers at the New Zealand Agricultural Fieldays in Hamilton recently . In his address, Proudfoot highlighted growing anger in the rural sector and reflected that farmers are finding it difficult to rally the energy to fight another day. Proudfo...
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2021 Budget Observations
Following a review of the recent Budget, the ONE Party economic and finance spokesman says; “It is obvious to us that the Labour party are blatantly buying the votes of the poor and marginalised members of society with the promise of money, rather than Kingdom solutions to lift these sectors out of...
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Six Pillars to Environmental Success
ONE Party are promoting 6 Pillars to environmental success in Aotearoa. Rather than fund internationally directed initiatives around the management of the environment with little benefit for New Zealand.
  • ONE Party support initiatives that directly benefit New Zealand and enhance the stewardship of ...
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Primary Production Overload
Clearly there is a need for some investment in infrastructure that brings a return back to New Zealand. Our Ports are struggling to cope, there is a shortage of labour and a squeeze on cold storage space means our meat processors cannot increase overtime to meet international seasonal demand for ou...
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Water Asset
Clean fresh water is among the most valuable assets in New Zealand and government must support our sovereign right to our natural resources including water. Successive governments have not exercised Kaitiakitanga around water and ONE Party will make this a priority.

ONE Party do not support fore...
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