Abortion Policy

All life is precious from the moment of conception to the time of passing. Currently, the rights of children begin at birth, however, ONE Party believes that those rights must extend to life at its most vulnerable stage, from the time of conception. We understand that children can be conceived and born into extremely sad and difficult circumstances. ONE Party believes it is the responsibility of a nation to rise to the challenge to find ways to support and protect the ‘cry to live’.

ONE Party seeks to:

  1. Amend the law to protect unborn children from conception to natural death.
  2. Ensure the rights of the unborn child to be defined in New Zealand law.
  3. Specially outlaw abortion on the grounds of disability and sex selection. This is discrimination.
  4. Support all wrap-around services like counselling, medical care and assistance for parents of disabled children.
  5. Support wrap-around services for teen help to access safe homes for those wanting to keep their baby and to put support services in place for those individuals.
  6. Support all women to have access to free scans.
  7. Support teen mums to have access to schooling, free doctor’s visits, counselling, pregnancy helps and resources.


  1. Ensure second opinions are made mandatory when a doctor recommends termination of a pregnancy due to serious health concerns. When pregnancy is deemed to pose a serious danger to the life of the woman or girl, then another doctor or specialist who has experience with high-risk pregnancies is sought.  The doctor must have full regard for the rights of the unborn child and the safety of the mother as both lives matter.
  2. In the case of Eclampsia or other high-risk situations, an induction to remove the baby safely can take place at any stage after 21 weeks up to 40 weeks.
  3. In cases of baby being delivered pre-mature under the 20 weeks period and dies due to high risk complications, we support wrap-around services and counselling for the mother and father.
  4. Oppose taxpayer funded abortions.
  5. Oppose embryonic stem cell research but support adult stem cell research.
  6. In cases of rape, sexual abuse and incest, abortion is not the answer or the cure and support that the emergency contraception be used safely in these cases to prevent a pregnancy within a 12 hours timeframe.
  7. We promote open and closed adoption and promote legislation around adoption here in New Zealand. New Zealander’s should not have to go overseas to adopt a child.
  8. Advocate a law change for parental notification if a minor seeks an abortion. The existing law overlooks parental notification.
  9. ONE PARTY recommend that the Abortion Supervisory Committee (A.S.C) reinstate the key recommendation made by the Justice and Electoral Select Committee in July 2016 which is currently ignored by the A.S.C. The A.S.C should, together with the District Health Board, confirm best practice guidelines for procedures, care and mandatory follow up for children under 16 who seek an abortion; especially for those who opt to inform a parent or caregiver.
  10. To recommend that detailed data collection around abortions in NZ be reinstated, as was the recommendation of the A.S.C in response to the Hillary’s Law Petition (2014). This data collection would stipulate, ‘Is the woman aged 16 years or over?’ Yes or No. ‘Has the woman’s parents or legal guardians been notified about the abortion?’ Yes or No.
  11. Address the problem of women being coerced to seek an abortion and ensure that persons of influence in such cases would be liable and punished as a crime.


  1. ONE PARTY advocates the provision, support and resources for parents to be the primary educators of their child’s sex education. This education would be age appropriate and values based, investing resources equally so that abstinence is part of a comprehensive sex education.
  2. We support parents rights to remove their children from sex education classes.