1080 Free Aotearoa

Our clean, green environment is our number one asset. The principles of stewardship, is foundational to our approach to this policy. We believe positive, constructive environmental change starts at home, and as such we will work to preserve and improve the condition of water, soil, flora and fauna in Aotearoa.

1080 was introduced in 1954 and is a highly toxic chemical called Sodium fluoroacetate. It is used to kill unwanted wildlife in an effort to control populations of possums, rats, stoats, deer, and rabbits. 1080 is one of the most toxic substances known to exist in the world. It is in the same restricted regulatory schedule as other notorious poisons like arsenic or cyanide.

New Zealand is the largest user of 1080 in the world using about 80% of the world supply. The fact that we are in the overwhelming minority of countries that continues to permit the use of 1080 poison ought to indicate the urgency of catching up with the rest of the world.

Despite claims that it is target-specific, it is frequently ingested by and kills non-target animals, like livestock, dogs, horses, goats etc. The 1080 poison is inhumane, indiscriminate, slow-acting and unacceptable.  Animals poisoned with 1080 scream, vomit, defecate and suffer violent and prolonged seizures. They die with a final convulsion up to 48 hours (two entire days) after ingesting the poison.

ONE Party supports:

  1. To end the use of 1080 in Aotearoa New Zealand
  2. The funding and support of outdoors programmes of luring, trapping and hunting which are target specific and have proven to be very effective.