We will defend and protect NZ assets and entrench the NZ Bill of Rights to ensure 

    the freedoms and rights of all kiwis are protected and upheld.

‘It is easier to retain what we have, than to regain it when it is lost.’

If ever there was a time to have some common sense leadership with a strong voice championing family values and principles as a political and social reality in Aotearoa New Zealand, it’s now! 

ONE Party is a party of solutions-based policies. Our nation was built on pioneers, adventurers, and innovators. Past governments have not recognised this fully and have allowed international influences to take control of the resources and limit the development of local talent through a myriad of taxes (open and hidden), and interest payments on loans to foreign bankers. All of these are unjust.

If you want to SHIFT the direction of a nation, it’s at the polling booths. Join us!

What We Stand For

ONE Policies

Economy Policy

Save New Zealand for New Zealanders – New Zealand is Not for sale The Key to...

Sex Education

If parents can train up their children in the way they should go it is the best...

Rural Policy

ONE Party believes that with wisdom and diligence we will be able to utilise ou...

Prevention of Suicide Policy

The principle of love - loving one another, has its origin in the very heart of...

Health Policy

The physical, mental, and psychological health of our people is of great import...

Agriculture & Horticulture Policy

We aim to encourage innovative ideas to utilise our untapped, excess raw materi...

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'Leadership is ONE who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way'

ONE Leaders

Ian Johnson

Ian Johnson heads up the trio. He has a rich work background in dairy farming, national sales and marketing and rural real estate. Ian is an accomplished author and sought after international conference speaker traveling to over 20 countries. Underpinning all Ian’s achievements is his strong Christian faith. Ian loves people and his focused local heart, love for the nation the land and its peoples, combined with an international focus makes him a strong compassionate leader, a man born to love and lead.

Kariana Black

Kariana Black holds a master’s degree in Education, a Postgraduate Diploma in Educational Leadership and is currently undertaking a professional doctorate degree entitled “Indigenising Educational Leadership”. She worked for 29 years in the education sector and currently lectures on Indigenous Education.  Kariana lost her first husband 13 years ago and knows what it’s like to raise five children as a single working mother. She is now happily remarried and living in Rotorua.

Allan Cawood

Allan grew up in South Africa and immigrated to New Zealand in 1994. He has a Bachelor of Arts degree, majoring in Psychology and Physical Education, as well as further qualifications in Industrial Relations. Allan has extensive international business experience having worked in South Africa, the United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand. He is happily married, and proud to call New Zealand home.

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