'asking Thee to bless this place, God defend our free land. From dissension, envy, hate, and corruption guard our state. Make our country good and great, God defend New Zealand". We believe God is the creator of all that exists, and that a government without God, is a government spiritually and morally lost. 


We believe every life has value. Family is one of the greatest gifts of God. It was conceived in the heart of the Father for mankind. The cornerstone of a healthy society is strong families. All ONE Party policies are weighed on the basis of impact on family. When you strengthen the family, you strengthen a nation.


 We will reinvigorate the economy, boost NZ owned businesses, reduce inflation, the cost of living and address the housing crisis. We will promote, protect and preserve our nations sovereignty from all foreign interest, enshrine the NZ Bill of Rights and will hold every Government department accountable. 


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Leadership for such a time as this

ONE Party have a tri-leadership led by Ian Johnson, Kariana Black 

and Allan Cawood. They come with a wealth of knowledge and 

expertise ranging from rural farming, local and international business and education. They are passionate about our nation and 

are here to serve.

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Can a nation be changed in a day?

Yes it can - election day! There are over ONE million faith believers in New Zealand. Make no doubt about it, a united christian move at the polling booths would change the moral direction of this country, and would make us bigger than Labour, National and Greens put together. Think about that! In ONE day we would see the change we have all been praying for! Simply by christians uniting. 

You have to ask yourself 'who do you want to rule (govern) over our nation?' If we choose worldly leaders, then that's exactly what we get, the world! The last words of King David sums it up beautifully.

  'He that rules over man must be just ruling in the fear of the Lord' (2Sam 23:3)      

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