As New Zealand citizens, it is our duty to actively participate in 

shaping the destiny of our nation by engaging in the democratic process and exercising our right to vote.


ONE Party acknowledges God in our political landscape that raises the banner for justice, truth and integrity. We believe that a government without God, is a government spiritually and morally lost and we are seeing the fruit of this in every level of our society.

Our national anthem still rings true today 'God of nations at thy feet, in the bonds of love we meet, hear our voices we entreat, God defend our free land'. 


Families are the building blocks of society. It is where individuals develop their identity, their sense of belonging, learn important life skills, and form emotional bonds. We believe when you strengthen the family, you strengthen a nation.  

Strong families contribute to the well-being and stability of communities and it is our responsibility as political leaders and citizens to create an environment that upholds and empowers families. Recognising the significance of the family unit in politics involves supporting policies that strengthen families, such as affordable childcare, parental leave, and access to quality education. It also means defending and protecting all parental rights within the family, such as the right to make decisions that affect your family well-being. By prioritising family-friendly policies, we can create a society that values and supports the essential role of families. We are proud to say, all ONE Party policies are weighed on the basis of impact on family. 


Aotearoa New Zealand is the land we call home, the place where our shared values and aspirations converge. As New Zealand citizens, it is our duty to actively participate in shaping the destiny of our nation by engaging in the democratic process, exercising our right to vote, and holding our elected representatives accountable. 

A strong and united country requires open dialogue, respect for differing opinions, and a commitment to upholding the principles enshrined in our Constitution. It also means recognising the responsibilities that come with being citizens, such as respecting the rule of law, paying taxes, and engaging in civic activities that contribute to the betterment of our communities. Engaging in politics within the context of our country involves safeguarding its democratic principles, and striving for the well-being of all its inhabitants. 

ONE Party will reinvigorate the economy, boost NZ owned businesses, reduce inflation, the cost of living and address the housing crisis. We will promote, protect and preserve our nations sovereignty from all foreign interest, enshrine the NZ Bill of Rights and will hold every Government department accountable. 

Key Priorities

We will focus on rebuilding our economy by:

  1. Supporting local businesses and NZ made
  2. We will re-open the Marsden Oil Refinery
  3. Remove GST from food & petrol 
  4. Support our agriculture & farming industries
  5. Open up the books, audit every government department
  6. Strip back the bureaucracy
  7. Stop all Government's frivolous spending 
  8. Reduce our nations $160 Billion dollar debt

We will safeguard our nation's sovereignty and individual freedoms. We will implement constitutional reform by entrenching the NZ Bill of Rights and reducing the 5% electoral threshold to 2% to increase diversity within Government. We will stop the sexual grooming and indoctrination of our children in our schools and will dismantle the critical race theory and confused gender ideology.

Let common sense prevail

  1. New Zealand is not for sale
  2. We will protect all our nation's assets
  3. We will withdraw from the UN 2030 agenda
  4. Save $1.4 Billion dollars and withdraw from the Paris Accord
  5. Defend and protect doctor/patient privilege
  6. Defend and protect parental rights and consent
  7. Stop children under the age of 18 years from taking puberty blocking drugs
  8. Give all front line doctors, nurses and front line workers their jobs back with backpay


Ian Johnson heads up the trio. He has a rich work background in dairy farming, national sales, marketing and rural real estate. Ian is an accomplished author and sought after international conference speaker travelling to over 20 countries. Underpinning all Ian’s achievements is his strong Christian faith. He is a strong compassionate leader with a love for people and for the nation. Ian is happily married and lives in Waikato.

Ian Johnson


Kariana Black holds a master’s degree in Education, a Postgraduate Diploma in Educational Leadership and is currently undertaking a professional doctorate degree entitled “Indigenising Educational Leadership”. She has worked for 29 years in the education sector and currently lectures on Indigenous Education. Kariana lost her first husband 13 years ago, and knows what it’s like to raise five children as a single working mother. She is now happily remarried and living in Rotorua.

Kariana Black


Allan grew up in South Africa and immigrated to New Zealand in 1994. He has a Bachelor of Arts degree, majoring in Psychology and Physical Education, as well as further qualifications in Industrial Relations. Allan has extensive international business experience having worked in South Africa, the United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand. He is happily married, and proud to call New Zealand home.

Allan Cawood



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​Ian Johnson - Co Leader

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ONE Policy Flyers
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